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Man Gescheiden - 51 jaar - Gent - Oost Vlaanderen


51 jaar, Gent - Oost Vlaanderen

Gescheiden, zoekt een vrouw voor diversen

Grootte : 1m68 Gewicht : 60kg
Beroep : Aspecifiek Teken : Ram
Roken : Aspecifiek Kinderen : Met kinderen

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Zijn introductie

After all the things I’ve seen and know, I’m still curious in a vital way, learning how people live together with each other.
I’ve been a long time single, to raise 4 children. They are adults now.? They still have my priority but now it’s time to look for myself. ?I had three serious relationships.?
I like my independent life, doing volunteer work, artistic activity’s on my macbook working at graphics, music and video editing.? My two hands can repair a lot of things and are always ready to help.
But you can not always find happiness in the things you do. We all need the attention of friendly people around us and especially the friendship of that special one, who the heart is beating as one.?
I’ll do not need a fancy car and other things to show the wealth, I like a sober way of living, enjoying the natural richness of the planet and the wisdom of her residents.?
The older I come, the more I understand the meaning of life. Balance is the key of a healthy life. Adventure with a kind of prudence, enjoying the good things in life without excess, taking challenges and using all the creativity and experience you have, that’s what I like.?? And sometimes I can enjoy laziness, to come in balance.
I'm looking around everywhere, For the moment I'm living in Belgium, Ghent, but that can change easily. I’ll gonna make you my favorite and I’ll hope you’ll see it and respond it in a good way. ?

Persoonlijke gegevens

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Parfum none
Persoonlijkheid Niet aangegeven
Nationaliteit Belgische talenkennis: Nederlands
Studieniveau Hogeschool korte type
Silhouet Slank

Interesses en voorkeuren

Favoriete vakantiestijl Relax & avontuurlijk

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Leeftijd Van  35   naar  60   jaar
Zij wilt kinderen Nee